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In light of the recent Coronavirus pandemic, we want everyone to feel as safe as possible whilst also enjoying a well deserved relaxing break away from home. To do this, we have made a few changes..... 


Check in Time - we will ask for an estimated arrival time on your planned arrival day. We aim to manage the timings to ensure that when you arrive, you have adequate time and space to unload your belongings and be shown to your room before other guests arrive.

Where possible, we will meet guests in the car park to hand over keys. We will wear a face covering when meeting you & inside the Cottage.

In line with recent government instructions, we ask that you please also wear a face covering at all times when inside the Cottage and not in your room. These may be removed when seated at the breakfast tables to eat. 

We are operating a policy of Social distancing throughout the Cottage - please allow a minimum of one & ideally two metres to your fellow guests and to staff especially when entering and leaving the property/your room.

We have installed a Hand Sanitizer point for guests' use. Please help yourself as required. Please also follow guidelines on hand washing whilst staying with us.

Plastic keycards are provided for each room. These are pre-programmed for the duration of your stay. We quarantine and disinfect each card after guests' use.

Breakfast will now be served in 2 sittings. Each sitting will be reserved for 2 rooms to ensure social distancing in the dining rooms is maintained. The Buffet service has been suspended and your breakfast now will be served entirely 'a la carte'. We will ask for your menu choice the evening before. All condiments are individually packaged where possible. A hand sanitizer point is located just inside the dining room. 

Where possible, our bedrooms are kept unoccupied for a minimum of 24hours before reuse. All our rooms are thoroughly cleaned & sanitized between guests.

We are sanitizing the frequently touched points (e.g. light switches, door handles, bannister rails etc.) located around the property more often.

Unfortunately we have been obliged to remove the soft furnishings from the guest bedrooms as recommended by Cornwall council. Those which are present are freshly laundered after each guest.

If you fall ill before your holiday, we ask that you please stay at home. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover this.

If you develop coronavirus symptoms during your stay with us, we would respectfully ask you to stay in your room and contact us by telephone. To keep other guests, as well as ourselves, as safe as possible we will need to request your prompt departure.

We are unable to accommodate guests who need to self-isolate. 

Please contact us at the Cottage if you have any questions.

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